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Tax Advisory

In the era of dynamic changes in legislation business decisions should always be taken following a detailed analysis, where potential tax implications are taken into account. Our team of experienced advisers will help you to identify tax risks and implement solutions that assure both safety and achievement of the desired goals.

We provide our services with utmost attention given to quality and punctuality. Depending on the type of matter and customer expectations, we offer you advice in the form of:

– telephone consultations
– short e-mail notes
– meetings with advisors in our office or at the client’s premises
– tax opinions in writing

In the case of single orders the remuneration for our services is determined on the basis of an hourly rate. We offer flat packages to our regular customers.



We offer you complex assistance in the field of VAT. We give advice both on the basis of the national and the European Community law. Within the range of our services we provide the following i.e.:

✓ analysis of contracts concluded for the supply of goods or services,
✓ analysis of structured transactions, in particular chain and tripartite supplies,
✓ assistance in proper VAT settlements on importation of goods, as well as, assistance in obtaining permits to simplify procedures in this respect,
✓ recovery of VAT paid in Poland by foreign entities
✓ recovery of VAT from abroad for the benefit of Polish taxpayers based on the Council Directive 2008/9/WE
✓ analysis of documents to confirm the right of using a 0% tax rate in exports and intra-Community supplies of goods


Corporate income tax is crucial for financial planning and liquidity management at an enterprise. Our services in the field of CIT, in addition to any ongoing business support shall include:

✓ consultancy in the field of transformation and restructuring processes,
✓ support of new investments in Poland with particular attention given to potential tax benefits,
✓ advice on taxation of controlled foreign companies (CFC),
✓ assistance in choosing an optimal form and structure of conducting business in Poland,
✓ consultancy in the field of the so-called thin capitalization,
✓ drawing up and verification of tax returns and statements.


Transfer pricing issues are becoming increasingly important both in Poland and abroad. Transfer prices are equally a risk management tool and a tax planning instrument in global enterprises. Our transfer pricing services consist of the following:

✓ development and implementation of a transfer pricing policy,
✓ review of transfer prices used, including i.e. benchmarking study,
✓ drawing up transfer pricing documentation both at a domestic level (local file), and an international level (master file),
✓ verification of transfer pricing documentation prepared by the customer for the purpose of risk minimization or estimation of income by the tax authorities,
✓ support in transfer price reporting (CIT-TP),
✓ assistance in concluding advance pricing agreements (APA),
✓ preparation of requests to initiate a mutual agreement procedure based on the Convention of 23 July 1990 on the elimination of double taxation in connection with the adjustment of profits of associated enterprises or in accordance with agreements for the avoidance of double taxation and representation of a taxable person during proceedings.


In the event of paying out interest rates, dividends, royalties and remuneration for certain intangible services to a foreign entity there may be an obligation of withholding tax collection. Among our services we offer:

✓ analysis on whether payments of dues will result in a tax obligation,
✓ determination of the right tax rate based on national laws and agreements for the avoidance of double taxation,
✓ filing applications for refund of overpaid withholding tax,
✓ assistance in obtaining opinions to obtain exemptions from withholding tax,
✓ preparation and review of required information and tax returns.


During our expertise we noted a considerable potential for customs duty and excise duty optimization at a number of our customers. To reduce administrative charges, or else to recover excess excise duty the following services are offered:

✓ ongoing tax consultancy services related to excise duty and customs law,
✓ representing clients in front of tax and customs authorities on matters related to settlements of excise duty and customs charges,
✓ consultancy services on proper statistical classification (CN) of excise goods, including i.e. acquiring the Binding Tariff Information (BTI),
✓ assistance during procedures aimed at recovery of excise duty paid in Poland,
✓ verification of commercial contracts in view of implications arising from excise duty and customs charges.


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