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VAT Compliance & Amazon

We have been providing VAT settlement services in Poland for over 15 years to domestic and foreign entities. The requirement to settle VAT in Poland usually occurs in the following situations:

– importing goods to Poland,
– storage of goods in a warehouse in Poland,
– selling goods or providing services in Poland.

In each case, our team performs a free analysis to confirm whether there is an obligation to settle VAT in Poland.

When providing VAT Compliance & Amazon services, we focus primarily on the reliability and transparency of VAT settlements.



JRD is a specialist in the area of registration. We offer the fastest registration for VAT in Poland. Most of our proceedings end with obtaining a Polish VAT number within 2 weeks of sending a complete set of documents. We have experience in registration of entities from all EU countries and we work with documents in foreign languages.

✓ We register both companies and sole traders.
✓ As part of the VAT registration package, we also provide all necessary certified translations.
✓ If necessary, we carry out registration with an earlier (retrospective) date.
✓ In the event of termination of activities subject to VAT in Poland, we also provide a deregistration service.

Obtaining a VAT number through a proxy is in principle only possible for EU entities. Non-EU entities must conclude a tax representation agreement. To meet the expectations of our customers from Switzerland, we have launched an additional service – Tax Representative, which includes all elements of the VAT Registration package and an additional tax representation agreement.



Our average registration time is only 2 weeks


we submit more than 120 applications per year


100% of our applications are successful


We conduct VAT settlements both for large international concerns that have transferred part of their activity to Poland, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs that transactions subject to VAT in Poland. We have automated tools to support e-Commerce sellers.

As part of our services, we prepare and submit to the tax office all required tax returns and information, in particular:

✓ monthly and quarterly VAT returns (VAT-7, VAT-7K),
✓ recapitulative statements (VAT-EU),
✓ standard audit files for tax (JPK).

We take over correspondence with Polish tax authorities and provide assistance in the event of any tax audits.

All settlements are verified for correctness and compliance with current tax regulations by licensed tax advisors.

The price for our services depends on the number and type of transactions to be settled in Poland.


Sellers using the Amazon platform whose goods have been placed in warehouses in Poland under the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) programs are required to settle VAT in Poland. Especially for them, we have created a new service – VAT FOR AMAZON SELLERS, which combines the highest standards of our classic settlement services and process automation that allows us to work with e-Commerce transactions.

As part of our services:

✓ we prepare and submit VAT returns (VAT-7, VAT-7K),
✓ we prepare and submit recapitulative statements (VAT-EU),
✓ we prepare and submit standard audit files for tax (JPK),
✓ we verify all VAT-EU numbers in the VIES system,
✓ we submit applications for abolishing the distance selling threshold,
✓ we update data in the VAT payers register (so-called white list),
✓ we take over correspondence with tax authorities.

In addition, we provide constant contact with a English-speaking or German-speaking tax advisor who will help clarify any doubts.

We are aware that the price of our package is not the lowest on the market. However, we offer something more than just performing the service. We give our clients confidence and a sense of security. On our blog you can read about how important is choosing a reliable service provider.


In addition to the requirement to settle VAT, the movement of goods between Poland and other EU countries is also associated with a statistical obligation.

Entities that import goods to Poland with a net value above PLN 4,000,000 or export goods from Poland with a value above PLN 2,000,000 must submit Intrastat declarations.

As part of our services:

✓ we determine whether the Intrastat thresholds have been exceeded,
✓ we provide registration in the customs system,
✓ we help gather necessary data about the turnover of goods,
✓ we prepare and submit electronic declarations,
✓ we represent before customs authorities.

The price of Intrastat services depends on the number of transactions subject to statistical obligation and the format of data.


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